Power Supplies

Power supplies are not included in the package. Each store has a unique power system, as follows:

  • Ciat-Lonbarde instruments take a 12 volt DC power supply (@ 300ma or greater) with a tip positive, 2.1mm plug. Search for "2.1mm 12v dc supply." Until you procure one, use a nine volt battery to power the instrument.
  • Shbobo instruments are powered off of the USB connection. You will need USB type-A to type-B cable (not included). The instruments have built-in, NiMH batteries, that can run it for many hours on a full charge. They automatically trickle charge when connected to USB. When storing, make sure the power switch is off to save batteries.
  • Ieaskul F. Mobenthey are eurorack modules, so they use that system of +12, ground, and -12, with the included din cable. You must make sure to connect the power supply correctly as regards to negative and positive, or the module may be damaged.
  • Tocante instruments run off of built-in NiMH batteries. They automatically energize on touch, and shut off after a brief period- all you need to do is touch it. Charge them in a sunny window, with solar panel facing out of course. A day of sunlight should be enough; you should put it away if you don't plan to play it for a while to avoid over-charging. When storing, avoid contact with materials (hot dogs) that would keep the instrument on; wrap it in a dry insulating material such as cotton or pleather. They also can run off of a 12 volt DC power supply with tip positive, 2.1mm plug, as with Ciat-Lonbarde.

For any of these instruments, the proprietor of Synthmall (Peter B) shall not be held accountable for broken instruments, loss of life, injury, broken equipment or any other unforeseen effects of not using common sense. For example, do not fashion a plug out of 120vac! Or do not connect an active speaker amplifier to any input. There is a liability when selling instruments with actively exposed circuit nodes; for this reason we must warn against touching any of these nodes when the instrument is powered externally, or connected to external circuits. That is why the Tocante instruments are best when disconnected; they are safe and self-sustaining sounders, perfect for camping.

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