by ciat-lonbarde

a new version of the classic Sidrassi organ.



To read about the selection of woods and development of the sidrazzi SMT circuit board, read The Sidrazzi Report

To read about the ancient Sidrassi circuit (handmade) that this is based upon, here is that page.

pete, i'm sure you know but i had to tell you again what a great instrument the new
sidrazzi is!

- i really appreciate the super-efficient design, the way the barres connect to the
bridge and nodes screw into the case make it feel totally solid in your hands.

- placement of barres, nodes & pots encourage handheld playing, very intimate vs
tabletop - i'm already learning by memory where the bottom node groups are , its
totally possible to do chinkwonk style playing (touch barre caress bottom sounds

- love the visual juxtaposition that the clear pvc barres give - wood, circuit
-true electro-acoustics

- silkscreen + wood colors on back - the zazzi side

- classic sweet sids sounds are still there but modulation bucket seems wider, maybe
due to ultrasound range? lots of territory to explore here

all n all, this is a fabulous achievement, you should be really proud of it. once
people find out about this you're going to need more - so let me know if i can help
at all with chinese board advances, it wouldn't be a problem