ANSWER: it is a combination of Fourses, Fyrall, and Stuber, all in one big case. Tom Boram conceived and built it. I made the case out of Walnut, Maple, and Mahogany, and wooden knobs. I will trade a finished one for a nice Tuba.

Bobo says: humans think they are at a pinnacle of evolution since they have consciousness. In fact we cats have been around just as long as every other mammal including humans and we have just as much consciousness in our blood. Remember the ancient egyptians? I do, because much of my sophisticat traits were learned in symbiosis with the aegyptoses, who had slavery but also built large elemental pyramids. We cats have it easy because our consciousness is not a manipulative one. To improve and expand your manipulative consciousness, you humans must not try to use your mechanisms for propulsion, because they will eventually squash out the need to move your consciousness. Magic mechanisms however are alright, because it doesn't prevent you from thinking, however, in entertaining you it allows you to relax and be in awe and aware. Please play with whatever is at hand.

Question: Please explain "micro kidz"
Micro kidz are erosion