Westside Masonic Planters

Receipt of Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts, Community Arts Grant, 2008

Recent Planter Construction, 2008, sawed concrete, rubble, granite cornices

We are a collective of artists and musicians living in West Baltimore.  We are devoted to sustainable living by nurturing plants, sawing open the sidewalk for roots to take hold, and other pursuits such as brewing root beer. In renovating our derelict houses, we have learned a gamut of home-reuse archaeology, not home-depot technology. We want to enliven the communtiy with creativity and life. Our crew constructs planters, enriches the soil organically, chooses plants, sculpts trees, and performs maintenance.  Allowing for community interaction may involve nomadic bonzai actions by micro-kids:

Call Peter Blasser 410 362 8364

tire planter constructions at Ackworth Alley, made from tires with rims

Wolf, who used to be in the Coast Gaurd, also certified in SCUBA, will be resident gardener at 2012 Lemmon Alley

Tolliver Yards: Jackhammer 44' of sidewalk into rubble, transport to rear driveway and create retaining wall. 
Plant Pawpaw tree in the shades, rake.

Headquarters front planter: create with neighborhood rubble, broken tile, and composted earth. 
Plant native species such as sumac, wild rose, and pawpaw.

Food Garden at 2013 W Frederick Ave

Masonry which wastes not rubble nor trash

Post-apocalyptic assemblage at 2118 W Pratt St.

Some jagged experimental


I visit the cemetary to sit with my head. Black raven, white tombstone, cars far and quiet, the sound of the dead.