DDDM2 as "Mayan Piano" Style: $420

I am not joking, there will be only five of this limited edition, made out of a recycled piano, in the Mr Grassi shape, with pedestal and sacred geometrical aesthetic on the top. The instrument has twelve touch and four randomize nodes. You have a onoff switch for each of the two speakers, and a the case itself is microphonic by piezo and it has a phone output. So besides playing the electronics you can use the case as a sound board for tuning forks, turkey calls, and feathers. It is uses the same DDDM2 circuits as are outlined below. Ordering.

Wooden Din Datin Dudero Mark 2!

What you see here is a dronal, touchable, and diverse instrument modeled after the action of the Din Datin Dudero, a one-off I made to achieve electronic drones of a sophisticated nature. This instrument, the DDDM2, is a hard version, with a solid face of curly figured hickory from a sawmill in Maryland. It has a touchable array of 16 brass nodes; 4 of which (Brando Nodes) have the capability when touched to shift the entire instrument into completely new dimensions of droning. Over the years I have been told what would be the ultimate electronic texture generator and this is it:
-two knobs that are big to get fine tuning
-a small but potent forest of touch nodes
-stereo output, with two speakers as monitors, and a volume knob for each channel.
-low battery drain
-an easy path to dronal stasis with the possibility for sophistication.
This would be very nice accompanied by a solar powered battery charger, so you have a free and ecological backwoods drone box. The instrument is about 11" by 31". I have limited access to hard wood slabs for the face, and they include walnut oak and cherry. They are very hard and so this is a durable instrument.




The cost finished and delivered is $520. How to order


Let me tell you the story of Madame Brasser and Master Brando. My friend around town, Melissa Moore, came to me with a proposal. She brought several softies, which I don't usually work on, but since they were clear and maggot shaped I took a stab at it. I met Melissa when I first moved to Baltimore, and was staying in the attic of T-Hill with Carly and Papa "Pythagoras" Twig as well as the dog "Dick". I had brought worms with me from a bait store in Pennsylvania. I was using them to play the Din Datin Dudero, or rather they were playing it with their squirms. Well anyway, Melissa comes up to me three years later and says she likes the sound of the Din Datin Dudero, and she wants to put it in her softies. I brought it out again and we listened to what it was that was so attractive: the sounds of tubas pumping, a constipated cow, dry clicks. I theorized about the Din Datin Dudero:

- it has a random repatcher, that with a light touch it will randomly repatch the innards of the montage. very important, have not explored this since DDD.

- there are slow movements in the tones, like breaths and articulations, that are the result of phasing.

From these two theories, I have tried to make a paper circuit montage. Madame Brasser was first. She is the exact same size as Mr Grassi, and alone she can fit in Sukang Grassi's Pier 1 cases (more later). Madame Brasser is based on the same number 12. But she reverses the derivation- she has 4 oscillators of 3 sides. Remember in the Rollz-5 Drum Machine, the odd oscillators have a chaotic mode of paradox. They can also oscillate "normally" if driven hard enough. This was an important ingredient- oscillators that can birfurcate between their own intrinsic chaos and a normal geometry. The oscillators are compared with a 4077 chip, which brings out their difference tones, then they are further compared with a diode/tank network. This is double heterodyning- two stages which have a squaring effect on the difference tones. The results are the "interior feedback output crosses", which can be selectively fed back to the "exterior feedback input crosses".

These crosses are what the Master Brando manipulates- it controls how the Brasser feeds back to herself. Master Brando is a touchable repatcher. It only has four touch nodes, but they do a lot. It uses 4052 multiplexers. Look at its name- Master implies controlling the processes of chaos or nature, and Brando implies Randomness or Branding?

Here's Madame Brasser. Here's Master Brando. If u use them same deal, please keep in touch and send bread if you can. Please only try these if you have made the simpler projects such as Lil Sidrassi or Mr. Grassi. The marriage of Brasser and Brando is the best imitation of the Din Datin Dudero sound I have ever gotten, I am quite proud of it. One major component is the difference tones, which add beats and rhythm to the bass tones. It has the wacky sounds too!

Melissa and I used some smelly cements to put the panels on the softie. I am currently in that solvent-head mood- excited, hungry, redeyed, sweaty, culpable of tiredness, in general lethargic about sloppiness.

Sukang Grassi's and Madame Brasser's will soon be available in a new case style based on pieces salvaged from a piano. In fact, you can see the black woods on Melissa's softy too. Now, the deal that I did for Melissa can be made in a hard case, with FOUR GIANT KNOBS, 12 touch nodes, and 4 Brando nodes.

raw Sounds of Marriage instrument

Also I have finished my Bathroom, well 99% of it!!! Orange!!

Meditating with the DDD again!

Melissa's softie compressed

The softie hung with the marriage electronics installed.

The marriage of Brasser (tone flower) and Brando (random guider)