The Cocolase system Temporary Not For Sale

The Cocolase has two 8 bit digital delays, but it does not just delay sounds, it recontextualizes them in different pitches, directions, all broken up or all melded together. Each delay has sensing inputs to control its speed, direction, and location. In the center of the Cocolase is a woven nest of 8 oscillators called a Sidrassi. The Sidrassi manifests many varieties of movement with which to control the delays.

Doodlings made with a lute thru the Cocolase:

Using a shure SM58 to talk into the Cocolase, with modulations

I made this xylophone to send into the cocolase.
It is four bars of paduak.
A piezo microphone glued beneath each sends the sound into a simple preamp and out to the cocolase.
Voices, then xylophone, residuals sampled and manipulated (mp3)

I glued a piezo microphone onto the end of this copper and bone tuba, to blow and sing into.
Hitting the tuba, blowing in it, saying "rustle" into it, processed (mp3)

A microcassette tape of handdrums, through a Duber filtered then Cocolase

You can also send the signal from one of the oscillators in the Sidrassi into the audio input of a delay.
Long chords and melodies developed by Cocolase

I sent oscillator sound into a Duber, then into a delay.
Fast modulations of filtered tones



coco jibral
I enter my ghost into the cocolase,
the cocolase dances its tube,
that thru which I squeeze,
am stuck forever bent by the multo wheels
and free spinnet balls of the sidrassi.
Sidrassi spin, not grinding but wobbling
through Nodemesnes' meaning jelly.
Most fields of the jelly are empty,
or filled with papers scraps, cat hair, crayons, and lots of candy.
Nodemesnes meant that the meaningless jelly is unreal.
So you have not truly arrived at the ancient areas of the jelly,
even when you hear scraps of the whispers and warnings made in the darkened house:
sine pellatio felliniarum
muni cassadi
you -- joseph

Nodemesnes said "people can't dwell in my meaningless jelly unless it's real --
when you squirm through it to a clearing where you hear alien voices,
these are your own voice transposed to the darkened house.
The sidrassi shatter your path thru the jelly,
bending you into a field of trash and paper scraps."

Todd playing cocolase with Smegma